Myths and Facts

MYTH:  It's just rough sex and doesn't really hurt anyone.


FACT:  Rape is non-consensual sex. It is an act of physical and psychological violence and the effects are physically, emotionally and spiritually negative.


MYTH:  Nice girls don't get raped. They have only themselves to blame (for being out alone, drinking, asking him back to her house).


FACT:  No matter what you were doing before the rape, it is the rapist who is responsible for the crime. Rape can occur at any time to people of any age or background.


MYTH:  Women can prevent sexual assault by avoiding dark alleys, pubs, parks and by dressing differently.


FACT:  Most rapes occur in the home of either the rapist or the victim. Reported victims come from all ethnic backgrounds, occupations and age groups. The victim is never to blame.


Rape is not about sex.

It is about power.