Workshops 2020

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Workshops are  $7 (or $5 with membership) for each class. Some sessions also require $2 for materials. 
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NWC Workshops Term 1 2020
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   Art & Craft Workshops

TUESDAYS unless specified


18th Feb, Tues



Cover Letter Writing – Laura Findlay
In the first half of this workshop we'll go over the basics of a great cover letter. In the second half we'll get hands-on and apply what we've learnt. Please bring either a recent cover letter or an ad for a job you wish to apply for. Optional: bring your own device.


25th Feb, Tues 10am-12noon


What’s Sewing On?” – Stella Wilson
Bring in a garment you would like to jazz up, fix up, or re use the material. An op shop is onsite if you don't have anything in your own wardrobe. Stella can help with threading a machine or winding a bobbin for beginners, & hemming/darting/cloning for those that would like to know more. Recycle, reinvent!
Bring $2 extra for materials.

3rd Mar, Tues


Intuitive Painting Marianne Vetterli
earn about how you can confidently and joyfully create a painting without having any previous knowledge. How to access your intuition and experience the uplifting effects of colours using different mediums.

10th Mar, Tues


Pastel Portraits – Sally Barron
Welcome to a morning pastel portrait workshop, with ideas and tips on how to create your own lovely portrait based on a photograph, learning about pastel techniques and basic head anatomy for artists. Bring an A4 size photo/print out, make sure it’s nice close up and has strong lighting from one side.

$2 for materials.


17th & 31st Mar, Tues

(2 sessions)

Floral Watercolours  – Nicole Russell
Watercolours are the ideal medium for painting gorgeous flowers. To start with, learn basic watercolour techniques and end with your floral painting(s). Have a real flower that you would like to paint or a photo that you find particularly beautiful? Bring it along. All watercolours or watercolour brushes are welcome. So are pencil and eraser for your initial drawing. Some materials will be available if you don’t have your own.
$2 for costs.

24th Mar, Tues




Writing for Mindfulness – Laura Findlay 
In this fun, hands-on workshop we'll experiment with different writing exercises to tune into the world around us. This is a creative, stimulating and mindful experience for writers of any level. Bring your preferred writing tools if you wish.

19th Feb-25th Mar, Weds


Ukulele 6 week course - Gretchen Howard
For students who have some Ukulele experience and are looking to expand on their skills. Any questions about content, please email Gretchen on

Discovery Workshops

unless specified 

20th Feb, Thurs




Essential Oils Workshop – Tania Smith
Come & learn about some key essential oils in this interactive workshop. How you can use them in your home & ways to support your physical, mental, spiritual & emotional health. You will also have the opportunity to learn; give & receive a simple but effective hand massage.


27th Feb, Thurs



Self-defence Workshop – Rona Sedman
Learning personal safety skills to empower women and increase their sense of safety. Rona is an experienced self-defence instructor and martial artist. Come and have fun while you gain important skills.

28th Feb, Fri 10am-12noon



Lymphatic drainage – Liz van Beek
The lymphatic system relies on our body movement to ‘pump’ its fluids around our body; in order to excrete waste products. What if our movement is limited due to injury or disease?

Join us at the Women’s Centre to learn some great self-lymphatic massage techniques. Liz studied and learnt from Jet Lee and Betty Smoot of UCSF Hospital Rehab for Oncology Program
(*Note this is a Friday session).

5th Mar, Thurs 10.30am-12noon



Meditation with Sound – Marianne Vetterli
In this meditation session we tap into the present moment with the help of the pure sound of the Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls. Being immersed in this healing sound will help to quieten the mind, becoming still and access peace.


12th Mar, Thurs 10am-12pm



Law of Attraction – Sally Rees
This workshop session covers what the Law of attraction is and how it works. Come along and learn plenty of exercises for you to work out where you are attracting from (your point of attraction) as well some exercises to create what you do want in your life, using the law.


19th Mar, Thurs 10.30-12pm


Guided Meditation Group Healing – Tania Smith Learn some easy grounding & centering tools before being guided through a grounding meditation connecting you with your own higher-self energy, while receiving some beautiful Angelic Reiki healing energy. No experience necessary. Please bring a drink bottle and a blanket if you wish.


20th Mar, Fri 10am-12pm

Reflexology for Menopausal Health – Liz van Beek Menopause; where our hormones seemingly go crazy 😉 Hot flushes, emotional fluctuations, dryness, insomnia, anxiety… Reflexology and acupressure points that help ease and rebalance our womanly systems have been utilized across the globe for centuries. Learn which areas relate directly to your endocrine and reproductive systems, allowing rebalance and harmony
(*Note this is a Friday session).

3rd April, Fri


Healthy Smoothies Charley Chop Chop
Come along to our cosy kitchen table, learn how to make your own healthy smoothies with the spectacular Charley Chop Chop. Learn how to naturally and easily get nutrition into your daily diet. Please bring an extra $2 for ingredients
(*Note this is a Friday session).


Workshop & Course registration is via phone (546 7986),
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