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Workshops are  $7 (or $5 with membership) for each class. Some sessions also require $2 for materials. 
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NWC Workshops Term 4 2019
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   Art & Craft Workshops

TUESDAYS unless specified


22nd Oct, Tues



Printed Wrapping Paper – Ronnie Martin
Use some simple techniques and ideas to create your own wrapping papers, using both found and recycled materials. A great way to give individuality to gift giving with minimal cost. Please bring $2 for materials.

23rd Oct -
Dec, Weds
1.30pm-2.30pm ($40)

Ukulele - 8 week course with Gretchen Howard
Wednesday sessions for students who have some Ukulele experience and are looking to expand on their skills. Any questions about content, please email Gretchen on

5th Nov, Tues


Sculptural Felted Christmas Angels Mary Andrews
earn the therapeutic benefit of working with wool & silk fibre. Blend your personal choice of colours together to create your unique angel. Both needle & dry felted techniques will be taught. Please bring $2 for materials.

15th Nov, Fri


Edible Christmas Gifts – Charley Chop Chop
No gift is too small to give or too simple to receive, if it’s chosen with thoughtfulness and given with love. Join Charley for our Edible Christmas Gift workshop & learn how to make edible gifts that everybody will lov
e. Bring $2 for ingredients (*Note Friday session).

19th Nov, Tues


Festive Card Making – Marianne Vetterli
Hand made cards are a very unique gift for someone special or as a thank you for someone. Be guided by Marianne in accessing your creativity, making meaningful cards for upcoming festivities and personal events. Bring $2 for materials.

26th Nov, Tues 10am-12.30pm


Christmas Floral Wreath Making – Annie Riley
Annie is back to help you create a beautiful Christmas Floral Wreath! Her sessions are always popular. Bring along flowers or greenery that dries well - gum nuts, wee pine cones, mossy twigs etc. The wreaths will be Scandinavian/minimal style. Annie will provide some flowers and everything else needed. Come and create something magical. Please also bring $2 for materials.

3rd Dec, Tues


Mixed Media Creative Workshop – Jackie Ewers
We are thrilled to have local artist Jackie Ewers here to take a mixed media workshop. Come along and create a mixed media collage piece. This session will be about the joy of creating. Beginners are warmly welcomed.
Please bring $2 for materials.

12th Dec, Thurs


Book Making – Greta Tapper
Learn how to make a beautiful folio/notebook style book, with a closure and replaceable quires (sets of pages). Based on codices 400 CE. These books are still very effective to use and make great gifts. Please bring $2 for materials (*Note Thursday session).

Discovery Workshops

unless specified 

24th Oct, Thurs 12.30-2.30pm


Lymphatic & Accupressure – Liz van Beek
Our Lymphatic system relies on body movement to function at its peak. There are times when movement is hindered due to surgery, pain or pathology, therefore reducing its ability to remove free roaming waste products from our bodies. This workshop combines manual lymphatic draining techniques with acupressure points, supporting optimal function.

31st Oct, Thurs 12.30-2.30pm

Introduction to The Alexander Technique – Rosey Whyte
The Alexander Technique is a process that teaches how to properly coordinate our body to release unnecessary tension, improve posture, coordination and general health. Learn what it’s all about with qualified teacher Rosey.

7th Nov, Thurs 1pm-2.30pm


Hand Drumming – Gretchen Howard
Learn the basics of hand drumming. All levels welcome! Especially beginners who would like to be able to attend drumming sessions but need to learn the ‘how to’ first. Gretchen will cover a range of rhythms from around the world. No experience necessary. Bring your own drums if you have some.

12th Nov, Tues 10am-12pm


Living positively – Sharon Broderick
Be inspired to engage into greater levels of positivity. Discover how that can impact and benefit yourself, your life, and those around you.
(*Note this is a Tuesday session).

14th Nov, Thurs 12.30-2.30pm


Reflexology / Endocrine – Liz van Beek
ndocrine health starts with the Pituitary gland which has a flow on effect to corresponding hormone glands. Each of these glands plays multiple import roles in our daily life. From growth and development, glucose levels, stress capabilities, reproductive health, sleep cycles and many additional roles to keep us functioning in this ever fast paced life. Join us and slow down for a relaxed hour of endocrine health.

21st & 28th Nov, Thurs 10.30am-12pm


Meditation & Mindfulness, 2 sessions – Rosey Whyte
The emphasis for these sessions is on making meditation accessible to all so we will feel better, more focussed and less stressed. The 2 sessions will be friendly and practical with; instruction, guided meditation and discussion. Come along and learn what it’s all about. Rosey is an experienced and qualified teacher.

5th Dec, Thurs
1pm – 2.30pm

Relaxation & Mind Clearing with Sound Marianne Vetterli
Enter the season relaxed and with a clear and focused mind. The sound of the Tibetan and Crystal singing bowls will help to let go of mind chatter. It balances the nervous system quickly leaving participants calm, refreshed and energized.

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