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 (previously Pathways to power)

To register and know more, contact our social worker Joanne. Please let her know if cost is a barrier for you.


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 "I very much look forward to meeting you and exploring Pathways Home with you over the next 8 weeks." - Kindra

Pathways Home Information
Pathways to Power Info for Participants.
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I applaud your courage to step forward and be willing to learn about your power.


Pathways Home is an 8-week guided course in exploring your sense of SELF, your strengths, your ability to reflect
on your
behaviours and beliefs, your power to choose and make things happen, and feel more in charge of your life
– now and for the future.


This is course is structured carefully for you to learn as much as you can over the 8 weeks. You will be guided in learning and practicing new skills to empower yourself – see the THEMES of each session at the end.

This is offered through a number of skills and techniques:

-guided visualisation and meditation techniques
- journal writing
- mind and psychological maps
- sharing with others in pairs, small groups or the whole group
Don't be concerned if you've never done these before... we will learn together.


"I am a counsellor with a special interest in groups and empowerment. I have been in private practice, facilitated groups in general and specialist areas of therapeutic work since 1991. This course that I offer through Nelson Women's Support (NWS) has been developed primarily through my training and experience in Psychosynthesis. It is a particular way of working with people that greatly enhances their potential, improves self esteem, relationships and parenting skills, and provides a set of practices and skills that allow for growth and change in the long term. I work according to the Code of Practice offered by NWS and also undertake regular guidance and mentoring with a clinical supervisor who is a member of the NZ Association of Psychotherapists."  

- Kindra


The format of sessions

Each session follows a pattern – always beginning with a 'checking in with self' exercise. This uses a particular meditation, called the dis-identification exercise. It takes practice and as you are guided through each session you will notice that you gain a greater quiet and calm, can begin to have more of a sense of peace, which is separate from patterns of thoughts, feelings and sensations, and thus feel more powerful.


Time is then allowed for participants to 'check in' with the group. This may be simply a word or phrase to describe the experience of yourself in the moment, or may include other personal information about which you might wish to speak. Sometimes a "teaching opportunity" arises when someone is checking in and these can be a valuable addition to the course. I'll tell you about these…!


It is IMPORTANT you 'check in' by saying anything which describes what is 'on top' or uppermost in your awareness in the moment. We do this at the BEGINNING AND END of EACH session. Again, don't be concerned if you are not sure how to do this – we will learn this too…..!


'Checking in' and 'out' supports the building of your skills in identifying what's going on with yourself and then speaking it, claiming it simply as your experience. It allows us to feel safer in the group. It enables us to be more sensitive and aware of others and of our effect on them. It supports the group to form its own unique "shape". It enables us to practice speaking into groups and gain greater confidence and courage in the power of our own stories and our own voice.


The THEME of the session is then introduced, with perhaps some ideas or a map, and a general, open exploration of what we know about this, what we believe or feel, and how it relates to our lives. We then explore this theme more deeply through perhaps a specific guided visualisation, a drawing, journal writing, or pair or smaller group discussions. Then we come back into the bigger group and share our thoughts, feelings and responses. You will see how each woman can change and grow as we are each willing to embrace what it means to be powerful, to have possibilities and find ways to live into our potential.


The FIRST session together as a group includes time to establish GROUND RULES. This is about ways the group agrees to work together for the time on the course. We discuss confidentiality, time boundaries and attendance, and so on. At the end of the first session if you are ready to go on you will make a small contract with yourself and the group about your commitment to staying in the group and working together in the group, learning how to step into your own power.


Sessions always end with a brief 'check-out' process… Just a word or phrase to describe your feelings, thoughts or responses. This allows time to acknowledge learning, helps us to practice self awareness, and allows acceptance of our experiences, and of other people.


The themes:

ONE – Safety and Comfort – establishing a base camp for journeying

TWO – Balance – living from a place of increasing calm, grace, and poise

THREE – Power of Limits – how to say "YES" to myself

FOUR – Desire – what gives me a sense of aliveness?

FIVE – Power of Intention – where do I wish to direct my attention?

SIX – Power to Choose – what can I make, give birth to? 

SEVEN – In the Flow – what nourishes me and connects me to inner spirit?

EIGHT – Love and Power – the key dynamics in our lives


A WORKBOOK with lots of information about each of the themes will be given to you on the first day. This will be yours to keep and work with, as will a journal for writing and drawing.


We are grateful to ANZ Staff Foundation for their funding support of this course.