Our counsellors

We have a range of qualified (& senior student) women counsellors available for up to 10 low-cost sessions.

Call our Social Workers on 03 54 68441 to make a referral appointment. 


Our Counsellors at present are: Ashlyn Hornsby, Cath Clarke, Kiely Campbell, Liz Putaura, Rachael Brooks
and Marianne Hall (our Counselling Coordinator).


Elizabeth Putaura Senior Student Counsellor

My name is Elizabeth Putaura. I was born in Rarotonga and raised in Nelson. After a 13-year career in hospitality, I decided to study full time at the Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology to acquire my degree in Bachelor of Counselling. I have been working individually with clients as well as co-facilitating group sessions called Positive Psychology and Wellbeing.


I consider myself trustworthy, transparent, friendly, approachable. My personal and professional philosophy sits more alongside with Solution Focused Brief Therapy. I prefer this model to highlight the client’s previous accolades and strengths and focus on the future potentials and reframe issues. I hope to explore empowerment and potential with clients and bring awareness to the individuals’ value.

Cath Clarke Bachelor of Counselling

My name is Cath Clarke, I joined the Nelson Women’s Centre in 2020. I am a qualified counsellor, and I am passionate about working alongside women to navigate through their difficulties. I have a caring, calm nature and place trust in a collaborative relationship within counselling. I believe counselling brings about positive change, creating growth in one’s life. I use a client centred approach to assist the client to bring about change and to reach their desired goals.

I have balanced employment and training over a period of six years to achieve my counselling degree. I graduated at NMIT in 2020.

Rachael Brooks Senior Student Counsellor

My name is Rachael Brooks and I am in my final year of my bachelor’s degree in counselling at Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology. Originally from Dunedin, I moved to Nelson in 1999 and I am the proud Mum of 2 teenage children.


Within my scope of practice, I work from a very collaborative client-centered perspective using some solution-focused elements along with body awareness incorporating all the senses of the body to allow for integration and healing.  I provide a calm, gentle, private, and creative therapeutic space for women to explore their world.  While my passion is for all people, I hold a deep and profound passion for Women. I consider myself incredibly trustworthy, reliable, honest, friendly, approachable, and I also have a spirited sense of humour.  It is an honour and a privilege to stand with and be a part of the collective voice for Women in the Nelson and Tasman region.

Ashlyn Hornsby Senior Student Counsellor

Kia Ora. In my counselling practice I aim to provide clients with a safe space to build a collaborative relationship where we can work together to explore the challenges of life. I have a passion for identifying and increasing client strengths with a respectful and caring approach to the process.


My previous experience lies in drug harm reduction and education coordinating a volunteer initiative. I am studying toward a Bachelor of Counselling at NMIT. My passions lie in drug harm reduction, sexuality, gender identity, and consent culture.

Kiely Campbell Bachelor of Counselling. NZAC registered (provisional member)

Kia Ora, I’m Kiely. I wholeheartedly believe in working collaboratively to build client strengths and facilitate understanding. I align with the person-centred counselling perspective as a foundation to building trust and a strong therapeutic relationship. I am also trained in solution-focused therapy, cognitive-behavioural therapy, motivational interviewing, compassion and mindfulness therapies, acceptance and commitment therapy, and continue to extend my learning and professional development in a variety of counselling approaches.


I am gentle, compassionate and facilitate healing using a client centred approach. I am skilled and experienced in counselling for anxiety and depression, perinatal distress, attachment disorders, sexual abuse, trauma, body image, relationship issues, study stress, grief and loss, family issues, PTSD. I am flexible in my approach, responding to a client’s needs and adjusting whenever necessary to facilitate healing. 

Jen Stewart Senior Student Counsellor

I believe that the goal of therapy is to help you connect to your own inner compass, in whatever way you see that – as a relationship with your wisest self, with your intuition and inner strengths, or with a spiritual/wairua dimension. In my practice I draw on mindfulness meditation, self-compassion, visualisation, art, and body-based activities that allow us to explore your inner and outer worlds in a creative, trauma-safe, and intuitive way. Every client is unique, and we’ll discover what is most helpful for you as we investigate your concerns together.

I enjoy working with people from all walks of life. I moved to Nelson from New York state in 2011 and am a mother of one, an avid reader of the neuroscience that underpins transformational change in therapy, and a student at NMIT in the Bachelor of Counselling degree.