Leaving a Bequest

Thank you for considering leaving a gift to Nelson Women’s Centre Te Whare Āwhina Mō Ngā Wāhine Puawai Incorporated.  

Generous gifts left to us in wills help us to improve the lives of women in Nelson Whakatū.

Having an up-to-date will is important to look after your family’s future. Once you have provided for your loved ones and friends, a gift to NWC will leave a legacy for the future. Any gift that you choose to leave will support our work in the years to come.

Ways to leave a bequest:

A percentage 

This is a flexible and effective way to give. You will not need to adjust the value of your gift over time to account for inflation, or for any changes to your total assets. A small percentage (10%, 5% or even 1%) can make a big difference to the future.

This is a gift of whatever is left in your estate after you have taken care of your loved ones.
Fixed amount

A fixed amount (or a specific sum) means you are able to declare the size of the gift you want to make. You might want to change the amount over the years to account for inflation or changes in your circumstances.


To leave a gift to Nelson Women’s Centre in your will, please speak to a legal advisor, local Community Law Centre, or the Public Trust. 

Following is wording that they could adapt to your will:

“I give Nelson Women’s Centre Te Whare Āwhina Mō Ngā Wāhine Puawai Incorporated, registered charity number CC25321, howsoever called now or in the future, or its successor:

·         __% of my estate OR

·         the rest and residue of my estate OR

·         the sum of $_______ (fixed amount)


for the purpose of improving the wellbeing of women in the Nelson region. I declare that this gift shall be free of all charges, and the official receipt of Nelson Women’s Centre Te Whare Āwhina Mō Ngā Wāhine Puawai Incorporated shall be sufficient discharge to my executors.” 

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